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How to speed up an Acoustic analysis without compromising on mesh?

    • Nikita
      Ansys Employee

      How can I speed up my acoustics analysis without reducing the mesh density and thus accuracy of the results?

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Generally consider two approaches:

      1. Optimise the mesh without compromising results accuracy - Easier said than done, but your element sizing is critical and determined by the frequency range you are simulating. Try and refine the mesh primarily in areas of interest, go coarser everywhere else. A general rule of thumb is use a minimum of 12 elements per wavelength for first order elements, less for higher order elements. Here's a good acoustics guide/example from our Channel Partner Simutech.

      2. Improve your hardware, choose a higher performance CPU with more cores, up your RAM. Others report a good performance boost by using a GPU.

      Here's a video showing how to simulate a lousdspeaker  


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