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how to sweep surface meshing

    • Md_Salem

      I am trying to model a plate equipped with tiny patches, the surface is modeled using shell elements while the tiny patches are modeled via solid elements , all patches are bonded to the plate. The plate is quite large (up to 30 m in width and 400 m in length) with element size of 1.5 m while the patches are very small (15 cm *15 cm per each) and the element size is 5 cm.

      How to perform sweep meshing to the plate such that its elements nodes meet the nodes of patches elements

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      For sweep meshing you will need to provide source and target face.
      Please check following videos
      Ansys Meshing: Meshing Methods:
      You may also want to see decomposition.
      Ansys Meshing: Decomposition for hex meshing:
      If you are concerned about connection, it means you will need to do share topology.
      Please check following videos
      DM Share topology:

      SpaceClaim Share topology:

      Regards Keyur
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