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how to to create a permanent static magnetic field while using transient solve

    • zhan shengsheng

      I want to create a permanent static magnetic field over the whole region while using transient solve.Could you tell me how to achieve it?
      And I have another question.I built a coil ,and set a terminal.When i use the current source to drive it,i find the current is distributed unevenly around the coil. What's wrong?

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee


      1. Please use helmholtz coil to create the field in transient solver.
      2. It seems like there is eddy effect on this coil. Please use stranded round-shape coil and make the solution region larger.


      • zhan shengsheng

        thank you

      Hello GL,
                I hope this email finds you well. I am writing this to seek your assistance regarding an issue that I am facing while doing Transient analysis, for a tube(100mm length) and a coil placed inside the tube, in ANSYS Maxwell. There are two such models are shown, viz.
      1. Single Stage - tube and middle coil.
      2. Multi Stage - tube, middle coil, and two end coils(connected in series).
      For the excitation of coils, I've used a current dataset obtained from an experimental setup.
      The magnetic field along the inner surface of the tube (i.e., along distance at a particular time) is unsymmetric and has more ups and dips even though my modal is symmetric. I've shown the magnetic field distribution for both models.
      Why is it unsymmetric? I want to get a peak at the center and symmetrically reducing curve to either side.
      I would greatly appreciate it if you could assist me in getting a symmetric curve.
      Thank You in advance.
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