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How to use command line to see result


    • z0983247679

      Hi, I use HCP to obtain a command line which include the result.

      See the following pictures, this is boundary condition, but I don't add any solution, HCP had solved the problem, it is command line, now how to used the command to see the result? e.g total deformation , normal stress ... etc, your help is much appreciated

    • Aniket
      Forum Moderator
    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      Maybe you are referring to a HPC cluster (HCP?), and you wrote out the input file from Mechanical, solved it on a Linux cluster, and now want to read the results back into Mechanical?
      If so, copy all of the files from the solver working directory on your Linux HPC cluster back to your Windows machine. Then, select the "Solution" tab, then use "Read Result Files..." to point to the folder where you have copied the solver files from the Linux machine. This will allow you to read results back into Mechanical for viewing.
      Regards Sheldon
    • z0983247679
      Thank you , the problem had soleved!
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