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How to visualize the forces in the spot welds in an Explicit Dynamics model?

    • rodmarti

      Hello guys,

      I have a model where the unions are made using spot welds. Hot to visualize the force in each spotweld?

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      Before starting to solve, under Solution Information you can insert either the Body Results Tracker of External Force or Force Reaction Tracker, then scope the tracker to the geometry connected by the spot weld. Program will record the time history of the force on the geometry once solve starts.nIf your model has the solution already, you need to clear all results first, then insert the tracker, and finally run the model again to generate the solution.n
    • Samir Kadam
      Ansys Employee
      nThanks a lot for connecting with us on Ansys Learning Forum. nMy apologies for delay in getting back to you. For your question, will it be possible for you to give some more details on your process on how you are setting up the Spot Welds? Also, can you please explain what do you want to visualize by forces in spot welds? nRegards,nSamir.n
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