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How to work with STL file?

    • Nikita
      Ansys Employee

      How can I import and use STL files with ANSYS Simulation products? 

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      The best way to work with STL files is to import the STL file into ANSYS Spaceclaim and then convert into a CAD geometry file such a Parasolid. The CAD geometry can then be used by ANSYS Mechanical and other ANSYS simulation products. 

      Note that generally *.STL files are not able to capture geometry appropriately and ANSYS Spaceclaim helps to repair the .STL file if needed.

    • Ankura

      It is best to import STL files into ANSYS Spaceclaim and export them as CAD geometry files such as Parasolid files.It is the best way to do this task.

    • Massimo Capoccia

      I would be grateful for your assistance on this occasion.

      I have meshed a STL file in Ansys ICEM. It is a complex geometry. When I import the mesh in Fluent for CFD analysis, I keep receiving the same warning message despite my attempts to review the mesh in ICEM. Here is the warning message:



      Error: Build_Grid: no faces in case file.


      Clearing partially read grid.


      Error: Build Grid: Aborted due to critical error.


      Error: Build Grid: Aborted due to critical error.

      Error Object: #f


      Where am I going wrong?

      I can share my file on a teams or zoom call in order to exchange an opinion and advice.


      Kind Regards


      Massimo Capoccia

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