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How to work with STL file?

    • Nikita
      Ansys Employee

      How can I import and use STL files with ANSYS Simulation products? 

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      The best way to work with STL files is to import the STL file into ANSYS Spaceclaim and then convert into a CAD geometry file such a Parasolid. The CAD geometry can then be used by ANSYS Mechanical and other ANSYS simulation products. 

      Note that generally *.STL files are not able to capture geometry appropriately and ANSYS Spaceclaim helps to repair the .STL file if needed.

    • Ankura

      It is best to import STL files into ANSYS Spaceclaim and export them as CAD geometry files such as Parasolid files.It is the best way to do this task.

      • Aras karimi

        Hi dear friend
        I have the XYZ coordinates of the points of a 3D geometry in the form of a text file.
        I want to open this file in the Design Modeler to produce geometry for me, but I don't know how to do it.
        Thanks for your help.

    • Massimo Capoccia

      I would be grateful for your assistance on this occasion.

      I have meshed a STL file in Ansys ICEM. It is a complex geometry. When I import the mesh in Fluent for CFD analysis, I keep receiving the same warning message despite my attempts to review the mesh in ICEM. Here is the warning message:



      Error: Build_Grid: no faces in case file.


      Clearing partially read grid.


      Error: Build Grid: Aborted due to critical error.


      Error: Build Grid: Aborted due to critical error.

      Error Object: #f


      Where am I going wrong?

      I can share my file on a teams or zoom call in order to exchange an opinion and advice.


      Kind Regards


      Massimo Capoccia

    • Siddharth Verma

      To import and use STL files with ANSYS Simulation products, follow these steps:

      1. Start ANSYS Workbench.

      2. Open the Geometry toolbar and select "Import".

      3. Choose "STL" as the file type.

      4. Navigate to the location where the STL file is saved and select it.

      5. Define the import options and click "OK".

      6. In the Model Tree, right-click the imported geometry and select "Create Surface Body".

      7. The imported STL file is now ready for use in ANSYS Simulation products.

      Note: Some ANSYS products may require additional steps to convert the imported STL geometry into a simulation-ready format.

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