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How use Motor EM Force in Ansys motion

    • Yongnan Shao

      Hi, I'm trying to use a .unv transient force file exported form Maxwell2d into motion Motor EM Foce. But I don't know how to set the Scope and Referenec of Rotational in Motor EM Force.

      As what I have setted as in picture, the result makes totally no sence, the force data in .unv file are in x,y direction, but the result deformation is axial ditribution.

      And there come up these Warning, Can someone tell me how to define the remote point that matched position of axialDivision 1. I have added remote points in the Outline tree with the same coordinates with the toothNum in .unv file, but  it didn't work.

      Below is the Geometry of my model, with Motor EM Force.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      Please see if the following video helps:

      Utilizing Remote Points Properly - Lesson 4 - ANSYS Innovation Courses


      Ashish Khemka

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