How well does Fluent work with intel e-cores?

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    • JanBrychta


      I am thinking about building a new PC which I would use for CFD and some other projects.

      I am considering intel i9 CPU, but I am not sure how well is Fluent going to work with intel ‘e-cores’.

      A possible alternative is AMD with 16 physical cores, but there are no AMD CPUs with DDR5 support which I think might be useful because of the increased bandwidth.

      Would you choose intel i9 (8 pcores + 8 ecores) with DDR5 or AMD (16 cores) with DDR4?

      Do you have experience with running Fluent on CPU with ecores? Do they perform well in CFD?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      If the ecores are the same as hyperthreading then the performance gain is negligible, especially when you factor in the cost of the licences. We're also finding that having many cores per chip only works well if the data transfer can keep up: the cpu is quick but the bottleneck becomes the message passing. Remember for Student you only have 4 cores and 512k cells available: with Research you have 4 cores and then (I think) go 12, 40, 132, 516 as you add the HPC packs.
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