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General Mechanical

How would you model this problem? “Link180” elements w. contact?


    • mats_lindqvist

      I can't seem to get this model to converge. I use Link180 elements, "rough contacts, adjust-to-touch" between belt and pulleys, revolute joints at holes (or "general" joint with one rotation and one translation free, and a spring (body-ground) to model the springs. Im ultimtely looking for eigenmodes/frequencies, but maybe this is not possible, as it is a nonlinear model, as currently set up... Currently, just to set up the model properly, its a "static structural" with a torsional stiffnes on the upper revolute joint, and a torque applied on the bottom pulley, just to set up the model, and get it to converge, and behave properly.

      How would you set this up?

      Grateful for any guidance...


    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ,nIt might be a better option to set the pulleys as rigid first and run the simulation(just to reduce the complexity of the problem). Also, rather than assigning a joint stiffness and moment, try using a rotational load initially. Could you check the Newton Ralpson residuals to see where the non convergence source is ? Also why are you using Link180 elements?.Regards,nIshan.n
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