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General Mechanical

HPC cluster errors do not stop simulation

    • helen.durand

      Hello, I have been running transient structural simulations on a HPC cluster.

      On my local computer, I have been getting errors about highly deformed elements. When this happens, the simulation immendiately stops.

      Running similar simulations on the HPC cluster (the only difference is a much finer mesh) yields the same errors. However, the simulation runs to completion.

      Why does this occur? Why does the simulation on my PC stop but the simulation on the HPC continue until the last load step?

      Thank you!

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Helen,

      Warnings about Highly Distorted elements are issued so the user knows a problem is developing, but the solver can continue. This is what is happening on the HPC with the fine mesh.

      Errors caused by (even more) Highly Distorted elements are issued when the solver can no longer continue because the element shape is no longer valid for computation. The user must take corrective action to get the solution to run to the full load. This is what is happening on the PC with the coarse mesh.



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