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HPC cluster


    • Alexander Yuen

      My team and I have an ANSYS license that includes an HPC license for 32 cores, and we use this license for Fluent and CFD.

      This license is set up on a license server, which is used to share this license with other team mates. However, the license server is a computationally weak computer compared to my personal PC.

      The point of contact for my team told me that using the RSM, we cannot use this license on my personal PC but instead would have to send the job from my personal computer to RSM which gets sent to the license server to do the solving.

      With all this, I have a few things that i'm confused on:

      1) Does this license for 32 cores mean that we are leveraging remote ANSYS ARC clusters? Or does this mean we would need to create a cluster ourselves with a max of 32 cores within that cluster.

      2) If the license is using the ARC cluster and not a cluster made by my team, would we be able to create our own cluster that contains more cores than the 32 core license allows?

      3) Because we are sending the jobs to the license server, is it required that I set the license server as a compute node and not just the head node? Or can I set up the license server as solely the head node and basically send the job to the license server (head node) and then send it back to my personal computer for solving as well as other PC's in the case of creating our own cluster?

      4) If we created our own cluster, would each PC need to have Fluent installed? Or does each PC need just the RSM installed?

    • Mangesh Bhide
      Ansys Employee


      It seems you should be able to run solves with upto 32 cores. The cores can be on one or more machines. Please have your system administrator check how many physical cores are available in your machine, you could run with up to those many cores on your computer.

      Your cluster administartor should be able to clarify whether your cluster is setup with ARC or a different job scheduler.
      if you have access to the license, then you should be able to use it on any machines of your choice. The network administrator should ensure that any firewalls do not block access to license server from these machines.
      License will not restrict a machine to the role of headnode or compute, that is cluster layout.
      Fluent should be configured to run on all the machines. you may either install onto each mahcine at the same path, or you could install on a file server / application server / headnode and configure the other machines to run the network installation. for details on this please refer the section " Network Server and Product Configuration" installation documentation at

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