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HPC won’t increase speed of calculation in FSI using CPUs! Can GPUs be helpful?

    • Jamasp


      I have a case with following information.

      FSI simulation using Transient Mechanical and FLUENT.

      -Number of elements in Transient Mechanical is 2M.

      -Number of elements in FLUENT is 620K.

      -Fluid domain is inside the hyperelastic solid domain.

      -There are five frictionless surface connections.


      I ran this case with 320 (20 nodes with 16 cores) and 96 (6 nodes with 16 cores) for Transient Mechanical and FLUENT, respectively.

      It was pretty slow and took around a mouth. I know it is not necessary to use a lot of nodes for this simulation, but I even tried less number of nodes which was also slow.


      Is there anything I can do to speed up the calculation? I am thinking about using GPU. Since I'm using ANSYS 17.0, I would like to know that how helpful Tesla k40 or Quadro k6000 could be to boost calculation speed? Do you recommend to use GPUs or CPUs are enough to increase simulation speed?


      Please let me know If you need any further information.



      Jimmy Azarnoosh

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