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Huge discrepancy between discovery refine and discover mode flow sim results

    • Lucas Spak-Walsworth

      I am messing around with discovery trying to learn how use it before I start using it for a university design competition. I created an external flow simulation around an aircraft and used discovery to calculate both lift and drag forces using both refine and discover modes. Discover mode's results were about ten times smaller. I ran both simulations with the fidelity slider all the way to the right and the same set up. The resolution option for discovery mode was set to extreme. I ran the simultion on a computer with a 1660ti with 6gb of VRAM.

    • Charudatta Bandgar
      Forum Moderator


      Hello Lucas,

      Please go through the minimum hardware requirements for Discovery to work. As you can see the GPU required for Discovery Explore stage to work is recommended to be atleast 8Gb. It is possible that even at highest fidelity it might not be capturing smaller details, and hence the discrepancies in results. Go to size preview and see what is the feature length below which it is ignoring the geometry, and if you see that important details are ignored, try with higher VRAM GPU or with smaller domain, such that it can capture with current system specs. 


      Just to be on safer side, make sure to update the GPU drivers from manufacturers website (NVIDIA etc) and see if you can use the latest discovery release, as it has shown to capture the details a bit better.



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