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Hydrodynamic modelling of heave plates to estimate viscous drag in Aqwa v2023R1.

    • mdti


      I am in need of support to model the viscous drag from the heave plate/skirt of the attached platform using Ansys Aqwa. My queries are as follows:

      1. I am aware that "Disc" can be used to model drag force from a heave plate. But do i need two discs at 6 (m) apart (see the figure)? If I have to use two discs, what could be the 'Disc Normal' values along Z axis?
      2. If it is possible to model the drag effect of the heave plate using a single 'Disc', what could be the ideal location (along height) and 'Disc Normal' value (along +ve or -ve z axis)? 
      3. Please be aware that in the upper part (where small vertical cylinder connects to the heave plate) at the centre of the heave plate there is a hole. how to model a disc plate with a hole in it?



    • Ingrid Machecler
      Ansys Employee

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