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    • musti


      I have copied the hydrogen mechanism file from ansys chemkin

      Please,how do i update the model fuel library to include hydrogen?

      Given the quote below:

      "The Model Fuels Library offering is encrypted for use with ANSYS software, including ANSYS Chemkin-Pro, Reaction Workbench, Energico, ANSYS Forte and ANSYS Fluent. With the Model Fuels Library, it is possible to model most real fuels by either exactly representing the chemical properties of the fuel or by formulating an appropriate surrogate. We recommend using ANSYS ChemkinPro/Reaction Workbench to formulate surrogates for liquid fuels, and also for reducing the master reaction mechanism to provide smaller mechanisms that can be tailored for a particular application (e.g., for use in computational fluid dynamics engine simulation). The complete MFL is available as a paid-up or lease license and includes full access to all fuel components as well as pre-reduced mechanisms for common fuels. Library updates including access to new components and mechanisms are added on an annual basis along with technical support provided by ANSYS experts. The full source library is also available through the Model Fuels Library Subscription Service."


    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Please see this section in the user's guide : 2.1. Mechanism Utilities (ansys.com)
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