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Hydrostatic pressure simulation failure on a simple structure like a large aquar

    • Rama Widjaya Sikumbang

      hello everyone, i'm doing a hydrostatic pressure simulation on a simple structure like a large aquarium wall, but i failed to do it, because ansys students limit the number of meshing so the simulation fails, but i tryed to change the meshing size but i can't also

    • Raihan Lutfianto

      The mesh size does not matter. In fact, I solved this problem by only using 24.000 elements. So, it is not the cause of the unconverged solution. What can I suggest is:

      1. Make sure that you have chosen the right material for this problem
      2. Review the contact definition, it should be frictional and asymmetric with augmented lagrange formulation
      3. Geometry selection of every boundary conditions/support
      4. Hydrostatic pressure definition
      5. Change the solver type to Direct

      6. Make sure to turn on the large deflection setting since this is a nonlinear problem (you will learn it later)

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