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    • stadnik

      Hi, I am a mechanical engineering student and in the last few weeks I've decided to learn how to use ANSYS mechanical structural analysis, especially for subsea structures. I want to simulate an equipment under water, but it is my first time doing so. I believe I have done the geometry and generated the mesh correctly. My case is basically two cylinders in each end connected by a bar. These cylinders are attached to another body (the bar isn't), and the whole equipment is under hydrostatic pressure from the water column. But I am not sure if I am following the correct steps from this part on on.

      I have moved to the structural analysis section, entered the fixed support (cylinders) and moved on to add the hydrostatic pressure (load) to all the bodies. The sea water density is around 1,0256 g/cm3. I want to simulate as if the equipment is installed at certain depths (it isn't moving, just there), but I am not sure how to tell that to Ansys. Ansys asks for hydrostatic accelaration, but I am not sure what it means by that.

      I am also not sure if I should use cylinders support instead of fixed support. The idea is that the cylinders are connected to another body (the same for both cylinders) so that they stay in the same position all the time.

      Thank you for the support.

    • peteroznewman

      Please use the Insert Image button to add a screen snapshot of the geometry and the loads and supports you think you will use.

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