General Mechanical

General Mechanical

I am having Solver Pivot issues analyzing an automotive frame.

    • Edgard


      I am using Ansys Student 2022 R1

      I followed this youtube video exactly (and the series)

      " rel="nofollow">
      but when it came to the solver it outputs a warning and an error (first Picture).

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee
      First. Make sure is properly restrained (so it can not rotate or move due to a force - I can not see from the above it is ).

      FInally make sure all beams and their shared vertices are connected (say were 2-4 beams connect at a vertex) - this can be done by inspection of the geometry, repair and finally using shared topology in Spaceclaim.
      For the above See here:
      Even though I would not recommend it and we should use shared topology in spaceclaim, it is also sometimes possible to connect the mesh in Mechanical so look into the merge node object and try that in your model (that will zip together coincident nodes).
      All the best

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