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I am not able to generate a semi elliptical crack

    • Amith_Anoop_Kumar
    • Vigneswaran Sridharan
      Ansys Employee
      Hey Check out this Forum thread on generating Semi elliptical crack.
      Semi-Elliptical Crack Definition for SMART Crack Growth ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum - This video helps you get started with SMART Crack Growth tool.
      3.2. SMART Method for Crack-Growth Simulation ( also has relevant info on the tool
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    • Amith_Anoop_Kumar
      Respected Sir My issue is with only generating the semi elliptical crack . I want to generate semi elliptical crack in stress concentrated regions and in mid region but only at certain places i am able to make the crack generated

    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator

      Please see if the following helps (refer to all the 3 parts):

      Pressure Vessel Simulation with Crack Intialization - ANSYS Mechanical Part 3/3 - YouTube

      Regards Ashish Khemka
    • Amith_Anoop_Kumar
      Thank you for the link but my here the video i had followed but couldnt reach the end results. My main aim is to generate cracks in the welded regions which i am not able to do. That is the regions shown below.
      Also i always get a warning
      A fracture result is specified by time instead of by set. If the time lies between two result sets, no interpolation is performed.Instead, there are two possibilities: (1) if there are no mesh changes, the lower set applies; (2) if there are mesh changes, the closest set applies.
      2.The fracture parameters computed during solution may be incorrect. Check the Solver Output on the Solution Information object for possible causes.
      How to rectify these too

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