I am using ANSYS Fluent to analyze an Internal Combustion Engine

    • jnottie

      My name is Erik Myers; I am currently a graduate student working with ANSYS through a license at Western Carolina University. I am using ANSYS Fluent to analyze an Internal Combustion Engine. More specifically, I am using ANSYS’ built-in IC Fluent program to set-up the geometry of the engine before I simulate it. However, When I attempt to decompose the geometry, I get the following error:

      I am following the guide found here



      to try to fix this problem, however even after creating two planes and moving the intake valve I still get this error. I have tried a Clean Body operation before decomposing the geometry. I do not decompose the chamber, since the volume of the chamber is so small; If I choose to decompose the chamber the program crashes. I have attached the valve timing .prof file as well as the 3-D Parasolid model and the workbench files.

      Thank you, Erik


      Erik Paul Myers

      Masters of Science Candidate, Engineering Technology School of Engineering & Technology Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC


    • klu
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Erik,

      Can you please type in here what error message it is? The screenshot is too blurry to see clearly.

    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee


      Did you go through our "ANSYS How to " Videos. We have complete set of video tutorials on ICE tool. Please go through the below link for video tutorials.

      For IC engines,  ANSYS has another tool called FORTE which is widely used for Automotives. We have multiple video tutorials in our You tube channel. Please go through them.



    • erikpmyers


      thanks for the reply; I'm posting this from my personal account to make it easier to respond. I've been able to make some progress with the errors, but I'm still getting one very persistent error. The error message states:

      "invalve1 is not aligned with the seat face. Please align it manually"

      This error is covered extensively on this guide here:


      However when I try to align the valves, the error still persists. I think that the only difference at this point is geometry of my part. What could be causing this misalignment to continue?

      Seeta, thanks for the materials, I'll look into them. I'm pretty comfortable with the setup at the moment, it's just these errors I am getting that are stopping me from moving forward at the moment.

      Thanks, Erik Myers

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