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I can only use 60% of PC memory

    • danielc358

      Hi good afternoon!!!!

      I'm having a problem, my ansys is not using 100% ram memory to do the simulations it uses values around 60%, how do I get ansys to use 100% memory?



    • peteroznewman


      ANSYS uses exactly the amount of RAM it requires to solve.

      If you have 16 GB of RAM installed, Windows is using 2 GB, and if an ANSYS job only requires 6 GB of RAM to solve, then the Performance monitor will show you are using 50% of the available RAM.

      On the other hand, if a much bigger ANSYS job requires 20 GB to solve in RAM, and you only have 16 GB of RAM installed, then ANSYS will use the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to store intermediate data while it is solving, and that will significantly increase how long the solution takes to complete, compared with a computer that has 32 GB of RAM installed.

      If you often run ANSYS jobs that cause the solver to use the HDD because the job won't fit in the available RAM, then it is worth upgrading the amount of RAM installed in your computer.  But if you are on a Student license, you are not allowed to solve a big model, so you won't need any extra RAM.



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