3D Design

3D Design

i cant find my mistake

    • Gamiz

      I am trying to do my homework but i get errors and cant analyze,

    • peteroznewman
      Mistake #1 is the ball should have an Initial Condition of Velocity, not a Boundary Condition. Delete the Boundary Condition of Velocity that you have.
      Mistake #2 is the plate should be meshed with more than one element through the thickness. Change the Mesh Method to Sweep and specify 4 elements for the Sweep Number of Divisions.
      You can also use larger elements on the ball.
    • Akshay Maniyar
      Ansys Employee

      We are not allowed to download the attachments. RMB on the Solution branch and Open Solver Files Directory. In the Windows Explorer that opens, find Solve.out and open that with Notepad.In there you will find some error message. Mostly your number of elements in model are more than 32000. So, please check your mesh. (Adaptive sizing option should be set to no.)

      regards amaniyar

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