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I don’t understand where I went wrong

    • Seung Jae Lee

      hello. I posted this because I was wondering which part was wrong.

      This is the process of giving strength to the bracket by bolting it to the 2mm aluminum square tube.

      This is a situation where bolting is assumed as the contact area between the top and bottom surfaces of the bolt and nut.

      In chronological order, at 1 second, 2000 N is applied to the bolt. At 2 seconds, it is in a holding state. The last is the situation where strength was given to the bracket. However, the result is an error, and I wonder which part is wrong.


    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee

      The contact for bolts is not clear. Are there two pairs of contact one between the nut and the plate and one between the bolt head and plate? Also what is the error? Please review the solution information section or the solve.out file ( Solution> right mouse click > Open solver files directory)

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