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i export svg image from mesh drawing

    • Tareq

      please how can i export svg image from mesh drawing?

      i tried print but it only give pdf and png

    • peteroznewman

      ANSYS creates bitmap image files stored in png format like the one shown below.

      If you want thicker lines, you can use the free software, ImageJ, and two menu picks:

      • Process>Binary>Make Binary

      • Process>BInary>Dilate

      to get that, then you can Save.

      There are several free websites that will convert PNG files to PVG, which is a Vector Graphics file, not a bitmap.     or     

      These free websites also include a lot of buttons that lead to products to purchase or install, so don't click those.

      The SVG versions created by the first website of the two PNG files above are in the attached zip file.

      Why do you need SVG files?

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