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I get an error when trying to install GRANTA Edupack 2021 R1

    • Corby

      I have purchased 25 licenses for the above mentioned software. I successfully downloaded and installed it on my computer. When I shared the software to the students in the class they also attempted to install the software in the same way that I did. During the last step, when they entered the license key and pressed "continue", they got one or two errors. Either "An error occurred in Granta Edupack 2021R1 Licensing" or "An error occurred in Microsoft Report Viewer 2020 SP1 Runtime"

      I need urgent help with this since I want to use the software in a class I'm giving right now

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      This was taken off line and user is now able to run
      Will go ahead and close thread.
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