I got an error during simulation ” Error converting mass flow rate into velocity for boundary” ?

    • sridharsahoo366

      I am simulating a CNG direct injection spark ignition engine using Ansys Forte software. After a certain crank angle, I got an error "Error converting mass flow rate into velocity for boundary #     15". What is the meaning of boundary #15 ?

      Where is the fault and how to rectify that ?

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      The "#15" in the error message indicates the 15th boundary condition, i.e., the 15th item on the list of "Boundary Conditions" in the setup workflow tree. The error indicates that there are no cells associated with this boundary condition. Possible reason is that the cells near this boundary are too large relative to this boundary surface. If this is true, the cells near this BC should be sufficiently refined.
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