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Ansys Free Student Software

I have a problem

    • andrey_franyuk




      Hello. After installing ansys 18.2, the program does not start and gives an error. What should i do?

    • peteroznewman

      Are you installing the free ANSYS Student 18.2 or a Research license version of 18.2?

      Did you unzip the download onto the C: drive? Are you installing into the default location on the C: drive?

      Did you turn off the Antivirus before installing?

      Does your username on the computer have only English characters?

      Does your computer name have only English characters?

      What OS are you installing on?

      Uninstall all versions of ANSYS.

      In Windows Explorer, type %AppData% in the path field. You will be in the Roaming directory. Delete the Ansys folder, then go up a level and down to the Local directory and delete the Ansys folder. Go to Program Files and delete the ANSYS folder.

      Go to C:Program FilesANSYS Studentv182prereq and "Run as administrator" every exe file in that folder that contains the prerequisites

      Restart the computer.

      Finally "Run as administrator" setup.exe

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