I have a question about the Eddy current solver

    • Seungha


      I'm using the Ansys maxwell for wireless power transfer.

      I can get the self-inductance values.

      However, I don't know what the resistance type is, if I simulate a coil at the Eddy current solver.

      At the Eddy current solver,

      What is the resistance type? only AC or AC+DC vallue?

      Other Forums don't have any exact answers.


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @Seungha Theeddycurrent solver computes electromagnetic fields in the frequency domain.
      So, when you are dealing with frequency sources, eddy current solver will give you the resistance experienced considering the skin effect. Which is the effective resistance.

      Regards Navya
    • Seungha
      Thanks your comment!
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