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i have an error 5605

    • park junseong

      I clicked a "New DesignModeler Geometry" and have an error code 5606

      also i have an error that can`t upload my screenshot image so i just explain what happend

      Line : error code 5605
      Char: 6
      Code: 80004005
      Script: ag.list view = 
      p.LoadControl(GenWProgld("WBControls.WBlistView"), ag.wb);

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee


      This may occur if the Windows language/locale is non-English non-ASCII

      Sometimes just cleaning the setting will help: 

      Try cleaning up the %APPDATA%\Ansys\v231 folder to see if it resolves the issue. 

       Exit Ansys completely.

      In the File Explorer address field

      Enter: %APPDATA%

      …An Explorer Window will open

      Open the Ansys folder…

      Rename the v231 folder to v231.old for the appropriate version.
      v221 = 2022R1, v222 = 2022R2




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