Ansys Free Student Software

Ansys Free Student Software

I just upgraded from ANSYS 2019 to 2022 R1. Experiencing License Issues.

    • Naim1

      I tried to run Fluent from a previous file and I get this on the console:

      Host spawning Node 0 on machine "DESKTOP-HTJ525G" (win64).

      Unable to spawn node: license not available.

      ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Not enough HPC Parallel licenses 8/4.

      Hit return to exit.

      I followed instructions on extracting the WIN64 file and replacing the student license but still not working.

      Any help would be appreciated!

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Lower your core count from 8 to 4.
    • Naim1
      Thank you! it's working now :)
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