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I ‘m in need of your help to calculate intensity


    • Samira Mehrabi


      I'm going to resimulate this paper "Direct modeling of near field thermal radiation in a metamaterial", in which they have used "flexible materiola plugin" and also used the data on these links ,now my question is how to add the K'(t) to the lorentz model , I s there any scriot that you could refere me to that or guide me how to write it ? since, I also have a metamaterial structure taht I'm planning to claculate power intensity .


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      FDTD can simulate determinestic devices. When the material property changes with time, you will need to develop your own material model floing the link you referred to.  There is no simple script to do this. 

      You may also simulate the steady state result at each temperature, once you import the heat attribute:


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