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I need help: Solar generation analysis group in FDTD

    • Odebowale

      I am seeking assistance with utilizing the solar generation analysis group in my project. Instead of utilizing the solar(0) and solar(1) functions in the analysis script, I would like to use my own source. Specifically, I am working on a thermophotovoltaic cell and need to calculate the generation rate, Pabs, and other key parameters using the solar generation script. However, I am encountering an error on line 113, as shown in the attached screenshot. I believe the error is due to my spectral range being broader than the solar spectrum, as my range spans from 12255.8nm to 1.8837e6nm. Therefore, I need to develop my own function that covers this extended range. I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this matter.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Make sure fl and fh are correct. Line 113 is to get the values of f_solar within fi=[fl,fh]. In addition, please make sure that your simulation covers this frequency range. In general, the solar spectrum is broader than the simulation. Please check.


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