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General Mechanical

I wanna get Frequency response function at Impact

    • JHKim

      Hi. Im a begginer on ansys.

      as the tilte, I want to get Frequency response function at Impact point

      Maybe, I am getting only Harmonic response function at Harmonic Response as I give a nodal force at point.

      How can I get Impact frequency response function?

      when I try to find the method to get Impact response function, somebody used to Transient Structural , but I can`t find frequency response function.


      Please tell me how to get it 

      Thank you.

    • jj77
      For impact you need a transient dynamic analysis which is in the time domain.

      Then depending on the frequency response you need (say mobility) you need to take the fft (say in matlab) of the applied force and velocity (which is a time history result) at that point and divide them (matlab) appropriately to get the response.
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