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I want to cacluate induced current in 3D Transient!!

    • limch4

      Hi everyone

      I'm doing a magnetic levitation analysis of the copper plate between the two magnets. Copper plates pass between two magnets. I need to calculate the induced current of the copper plate in 3D Transient.

      In the manual, I have found a way to obtain the induced current with the field calculator.

      like that

      -> Qty -> J -> Geom -> Surface ... (enter the surface of interest) OK -> Normal -> intergral -> eval

      I don't know if this way is accurate.

      Also, I know that there is a way to obtain an induced current using 'winding'.

      But most examples are rotating objects such as motors and coils, making it difficult to apply to copper plates passing between magnets.

      I would appreciate it if you could tell me an example or method of calculating the induced current by applying winding to the copper plate.

      In summary, I have two requests.

      On a copper plate that passes between magnets,

      (1) The field calculator calculates the induced current correctly

      (2) Method or example of applying 'winding' to obtain an induced current

      I'm not sure if my opinion was delivered correctly because of my poor English.

      Please give me a good answer.

      Thank you to everyone who reads this.

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      You can just draw a point at the concerned spot in your plate and plot the current density via create field report. I do not think the winding idea works unless you modify the plate geometry to make it a loop-shaped winding. Draw a sheet and get total current through one surface can be done using field calculator but the result value is kind of meaningless to me since the induced current are not in the same direction.

      Regards GLUO
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