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I want to model a eglass epoxy composite with Graphene oxide as nanofiller particles

    • riya67

      I have manufactured the composite,the Graphene oxide particles form a solution with the epoxy resin which together(GO+EPXY) form the matrix of the composite along with that E glass of 600 gsm is used as Reinforcement

      How do i go and model the composite

      Do i need to make the composite on Material Designer or i can do it on ACP

      In ACP how to model the composite can i make individual layup layer of matrix and composite or the composite properties first need to be calculate and then the layers need to be set up

    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      For laminates, you can use ACP to define the layup, but you need to know the orthotropic/anisotropic properties for each layer. ACP allows you to define the layup to use, for example, layered shell elements, to represent the entire section. (ACP also can define solid elements for each layer, too, if you want to perform detailed analyses.)
      If you don't know the effective properties, you can use Material Designer for that purpose.
      So, to summarize, if you know the anisotropic/orthotropic properties of each layer, you can use ACP. If you don't know what the effective properties are when you have particles in a matrix, then Material Designer can be used as a first step.
      Both have tutorials in their respective sections of the Ansys documentation.
      Regards Sheldon
    • riya67
      OK THANKS WILL SURELY CHECK IT OUT but ansys material designer just seems a bit complicated though i will try tu figure it out!
    • tumulpurwar

      @Sheldon Imaoka..amy i know whether Ansys ACP can do stress test for 15000 parts big assembly?i mean in ACP,it looks very slow process to create laminate ,i remember in solidworks it was quite fast?..Can i assign composite properties to nearlyu 15000 parts in Ansys ACP Pre??


      please tell

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