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I want to SEE the failure!_2

    • DG89

      Hi everybody, 

      I did not undestand why the mderator locked the topic: "I want to see the failure!", since I have not jet resolved my doubts. 

      So, I refear to it for previous posts


      I answer to peteroznewman


      as you can see in the attached figure, the number of steps set by me in the file is not 0 but 1, so, I do not understand why the program read 0. I have also tried to increase that value but the error still exists.

    • DG89

      Dear peterznewman,

      I tried to re-do the exercise proposed in the file shared by you, but it does not run. I set all parameters in the same ways but the error message occured again.

      - firstly, I had to add the "bi-linear histropic hardening" behaviour to the default steel material in order to see plastic strain.

      - more over, when I passed from the plastic analysis to the failure analysis (ekill script) the program does not solve the problem, and thefollowing error appare in the "solution information":

      PARAMETER FAIL_STRAIN =     0.000000000   

       PARAMETER STEPS =     0.000000000   

       *GET  TIME_END  FROM  common    ITEM=STEPCM   REAL N=    2
          VALUE=  500.000000   

       *** ERROR ***                           CP =       0.391   TIME= 16:44:07
       Attempt to divide by zero in parameter expression.                     

       *** ERROR ***                           CP =       0.391   TIME= 16:44:07
       The above error occurred processing field= TIME_END/STEPS              
        Line= *SET,timeinc,(TIME_END/steps).                                  

       PARAMETER TIMEINC =     0.000000000    


      So, i tried to eliminate the following lines (7-9 lines) from the script in the command line:




      Now the program end the solution process but I do not obtain the expected result.


      Please, help me to understand the error

    • peteroznewman

      I don't write scripts, I only use them. Other members are welcome to take a look.

      Good luck.

    • DG89

      Ok peterznewman, thank you anyway.

      Somebody else?

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