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I would like to use topology optimisation with a max and min member size but this doesn’t work.

    • Daan

      I would like to do a compliance-based topology optimisation with a mass response constraint of 10% and a manufacturing constraint with a minimum member size of 75 mm and maximum of 120 mm (the mesh size is 30 mm). However, when I click on solve the following error occurs: 'Topology Optimization analysis cannot be solved because of invalid constraints. Check the Optimization Output on the Solution Information object for more details..' No data is given here, so I am not sure what is wrong.

      Could anyone help me with what could possibly be wrong?

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      Does this run when no member size is specified? From the picture, it appears that the model has tetrahedral and/or wedge elements. That might be the problem with the member size constraint. Can you test the setup on a simpler geometry that only uses hex elements?n
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