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ICEM 2023 ,create surface


    • Meri Gjika


      I imported a geometry (hollowed one) in STL format in Ansys ICEM, and then I pressed repair geometry and applied it with the standard setting, so curves were added around the inlet and outlets. Then I click on parts and create parts for each inlet outlet selecting the correspondent curve. Now I want to create a surface for the inlet/outlets. So Create/Modify Surface, Inherent Parts, Simple Surface, and here I have the problem. I tried both 2-4 curves or from curves but when I press apply I see 0 curves and no surface is created. In the case of 2-4 curves I used the tolerance that was by default 0.1, I even tried to reduce it but I did not have any success. 

      Do you have any idea how I can solve this problem?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee


      ICEMCFD is mainly for meshing purpose. Some geometry tools are provided for convinience to repair geometry quickly instead of going back to CAD. So each geometry creation/modification command may not exactly work when you try to reconstruct geometry from STL file. 

      The best way is to use SpaceClaim to create geometry from STL. 

      You can convert faceted data to solid in SpaceClaim. There are different ways to convert stl to solid.

      The first one is using Right Click on the body in the structure tree and select Convert to solid option. This option is useful for planner surfaces and simple bodies. If your body has some fillets or curved surfaces, this option should not be used.
      The other option is using Skin tool. You can find more information about Skin tool in help manual at following link.
      In SpaceClaim different commands can be used to create solids from faceted data. Various options are shown in following video.
      Whether you need a rough or accurate construction of a model, or tooling based on mesh-scanned data, Discovery SpaceClaim's easy-to-use reverse engineering tools will autosurface any STL data to get your job done faster. Learn more: https://www.ansys.com/discovery



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