ICEM CFD: Running Script in batch mode gives its own names to points

    • jainanup27


      I am doing optimization using design explorer. My schematic layout is Design Modeler -- ICEM CFD -- Fluent -- Post Processing.

      I have a created script for meshing in ICEM CFD. The following is the line to create a point named as pnt.01 at 0.4 parameters of the curve

      ic_point crv_par NWALL pnt.01 {EDGEE5805 0.4}

      ic_hex_move_node 67 pnt.01 (this moves the node 67 to pnt.01 )

      When I change the design point, my geometry changes and that changed geometry is fed to ICEM CFD. However, the problem is that when ICEM CFD is updated from the project schematic, it creates a point at 0.4 parameters of the same curve but the name of the point is changed to pnt.01.1 (Even though the script says it to give name as pnt.01). Now if you see the next line in the script it says to move the node 67 to pnt.01. However, pnt.01 doesn't exist since the name is changed to pnt.01.1. (Despite the script says to name the point as pnt.01)  which then later leads to intersecting mesh. Everytime the script is run on new geometry it will create a point on the same place but with a different name.


      Can someone help?





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