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[ICEM, Fluent] Mesh checked failed after setting porous jump between interfaces

    • eric1234598765


      I am using Fluent 2020R2 with ICEM 2D mesh.

      It seems that mesh would be automatically modified once the porous jump between the interfaces are set.

      The problem is, the mesh check process is fine before calculation, however, mesh checks failed and appear errors below, after calculating (there's a Warning: detecting divergent flow at 1D porous jump zone 79in TUI during computing ):

      9: F_C1 cell 62364 (118,21) of intersected face 318534 (118,14) of mesh interface "intf:05" is missing F_PF1 parent face 695 (118,3).

      The reson that I cannot ignore this message is beacuse I believe it is this warning that make Fluent unable to read the cas. and dat. file saved from this computing case.

      By the way, the "intf:05" is the porous jump boudnary which locates at porous- fluid interface.

      The pircture below is my mesh.

      I'm looking forward any helps,




    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      Are you using coupled scheme for P-V coupling? 

      This is what the user's guide says for Porous Jump BC: "If convergence instability is observed using the coupled pressure-based solver, it is recommended that you change the pressure-velocity coupling to one of the segregated schemes."


      For more information, refer to this section of the user's guide: 7.4. Boundary Conditions (ansys.com)

      If you are not able to access the link, please refer to this forum discussion: Using Help with links (ansys.com)


      Thank you! 

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