ICEM “holes” in unstructured mesh generation

    • kmkb21

      Hi there

      I have been attempting to mesh a 2D airfoil in bounded flow, and have not been able to produce a mesh without errors. After computing the mesh, it says that there are holes in the mesh and asks if i'd like to see them, and then shows tets on the boundaries and bodies. The errors are as follows:



      Your geometry has a hole, do you want to repair it?




      too many open faces

      .... and 180058 more error messages ...

      faces are missoriented


      I have set global parameters and part parameters.

      Am I missing a step?


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I'd suggest switching to Workbench (ANSYS) Meshing as it's much easier to use. ICEM CFD is mainly used for complex 3d hex meshes and isn't the most novice friendly of the ANSYS products. 

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