[ICEM] hybrid mesh – update pre-mesh sizing of free surfaces only

    • davide.salvatore

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to generate an hybrid mesh around an ogive-cylinder in ICEM. The mesh features quad cells on the body (mapped) surfaces, an hexa inflation made by means of an O-grid around the body and a free tetra mesh in the rest of the surfaces and volume.

      My question is: is there a way to update the sizing of the free surfaces without loosing the Edge Parameters setup on the edges of the structured blocks?

      More in detail:

      The procedure I followed is:
      - Create a 3D Multiblock, without Mapped/Sweeped faces;
      - Modify the automatically created free faces on the body to allow for conversion in mapped faces;
      - Conversion of the body related faces in mapped faces;
      - Setting of Mesh parameters in Global, Part and Surface Mesh Setup;
      - Update Pre-Mesh Parameters trough Bloking>Pre-Mesh_Params>Update_Sizes, method Update All;
      - Creation of O-grid around the body;
      - Setup of Edge Parameters along the edges of the structured blocks;
      - Generate Pre-Mesh.

      The procedure works flawlessy and the result is good. But now I would like to update the sizing of the free surfaces without loosing the Edge Parameters setup.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please check Pre-Mesh Params → Method → Keep count. 

      Please go through help manual for more details 



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    • davide.salvatore

      Hi Keyur, thank you for your reply.

      Unfortunately the solution suggested is not what I'm searching for. The reason is that the option "keep counts" keeps the number of nodes but doesn't retain the other settings (spacing, ratio, bounching law).

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      In that case, you will need to redefine edge bunching. 

    • davide.salvatore


      So in that workflow there is no way to update face sizing while retaining the edge bunching?
      Maybe that workflow is not the first choice for producing an hybrid mesh for external aerodynamics in ICEM?

      The point is that the free mesh near the body is influenced by the hexa part of the mesh, so I think that a tuning of the parameters related to the free part of the mesh after that the hexa mesh is set up is needed. However in that workflow also the free mesh is generated as a Pre-Mesh, so I can’t find a way to make the modification made in Mesh>Surface_Mesh_Setup to affect the Pre-Mesh computation, if not through Blocking>Update_Sizes, which in turn overwrite the settings of the hexa mesh. An option to selectively freeze the Edge Params for some edges would be a nice solution.


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