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[ICEM] Meshing .stl in ICEM

    • Aras karimi

      Hi everyone,

      I have just recently begun ICEM. I want to import a 3D STL surface mesh that is the geometry of a wing and create a structure volume mesh with hexahedral elements in the domain around the wing.

      When I do the "Build Diagnostic Topology" , only two curves appear from the front and back sections of the wing, whereas to create a structure mesh I need two geometry lines in front of the wing and a straight line at the end of the wing.

      Can anyone help me how to activate these lines?
      Many thanks.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      When you import stl it is represented as facets in ICEMCFD. Please convert facets to faces and then you can split the face. Please go through help manual for more details 

      The best way to get geometry from stl file is in SpaceClaim. Please check following video. 


      You can also think of Fluent Meshing which can work smoothly for STL files. 

      Please check following videos

      Fluent Meshing Watertight Workflow:



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