ICEPAK – Constant air temperature BC for 2 way magnetic-thermal analysis

    • Matthew Rich


      I am using electronic desktop 2023 to model thermal and magnetic field strength of an electromagnet. I am getting very hot temperatures very quickly with the air being hotter than the coil which is producing the heat. I have a picture below to give an idea of what I am talking about. I am running a 3D transient analysis and I have an ambient temperature of 37C. I am placing 24V on a coil terminal or 0.6 amps into a coil with a total resistance of 38.9 ohms. I do anticipate the temperature of the magnet to rise but not to be outpaced by the air. I have free opening BC on all faces of the air region. What I want to have reflected is that external processes will regulate the air temperature so it is always 37C. How can I achieve that? and why is my air so hot? 


      Thanks in advance 



    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Matthew,

      Please review the below course to check if you have setup everything correctly.

      ETM Using Ansys Maxwell and Icepak - ANSYS Innovation Courses




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