Icepak failed trying read 4 bytes

    • mona4

      My Icepak simulations run well on one computer but always get an error when run on another computer.

      The error message is the following:
      The error happens when "Analysing", after the mesh has been created but before the first iteration of the solving process. When it appears, the progress bar gets stuck no matter how small the simulation is. Then the program doesn't respond to "Clean stop", only to "Abort".
      What I have already tried:
       - Running the exact same simulation file in both computers.
       - Creating the file from scratch on the second computer, thus ruling out the possibility of badly transferring the file.
       - Increasing or decreasing the number of cores the simulation can run on through Ansys "HPC and analysis options"
       - Running the simulation using a different user on the problematic computer.
      I do not think this is a problem with how the simulation is set.
      This is the computer that always successfully runs the simulation:
       - Windows 10 Home 22H2
       - Ansys Electronics Desktop 2022 R2
       - 8 GB RAM
       - 4 cores (intel)
       - Operated from its screen and keyboard
      This is the computer where the error always happen:
       - Windows Server 2019 Standard
       - Ansys Electronics Desktop 2022 R2
       - 256 GB RAM
       - 64 cores (amd)
       - Operated through the windows remote desktop feature.
       - 2 users often use the computer at the same time, but the error also happens when only one of them is logged in.
      Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide, I honestly don't know what else to try.
    • Pdev
      Ansys Employee


      Please check your temp directory in AEDT Icepak if it is full or not. 
      Tools--Options- General Options. 

      If clearning the temp doesn't work, please file a ticket with support. 


    • mona4

      Hi Pdev

      Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately it didn't solve my problem.


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