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Icepak File Not Opening

    • upot2


      I currently have ANSYS 19.0 Research Mechanical License. I am working with a CAD file and have used Spaceclaim to convert all the CAD objects to Icepak objects. To open this up in Icepak, I use Workbench and drag the geometry node on to the Setup node of Icepak. However, Icepak does not open up on doing this with the Workbench status bar saying 'Processing Input Geometry'. On checking task manager, it's using only 14% of CPU and 5% of memory. 

      Two questions I have are:- 1) Is there any way I can make Workbench use more cores to do this? I have a 32 core computer and it's clearly not using all of them to do this (14% CPU usage). 2) Can someone suggest how I go about resolving this issue of Icepak not opening up? Icepak does open up for other files I've designed, so it has to be some issue in going from Spaceclaim to Icepak.



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Not sure about Icepak and parallel, but there should be some settings in the launcher or properties panel to the right side of Workbench. However, some of the geometry & mesh functions could well be serial and/or run on the host node only.  

    • Satyajeet Padhi
      Ansys Employee

      Hi upot2

      Sometimes based on the size of the CAD you are converting, Workbench can take some time to processing the geometry data to be passed onto Icepak. 

      A workaround for this could be using DesignModeler instead of SpaceClaim. Simplify all the geometry to Icepak objects in DesignModeler and connect it to Icepak. The connection should work faster than SpaceClaim - Icepak. 


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