Icepak/Fluent Solver Error

    • upot2


      I am trying to run a simulation in Icepak. On trying to solve, I get an error message on Fluent, which says 'Cell is missing face. Bulid Aborted due to critical error' with the location of the error. I have attached an image for your reference. The Face Alignment and Skewness both are ok - I have stair stepped the mesh, so I have values of 1 for both these. The minimum volume is on the order of 10^-12 and I have used the double precision solver. Is there some way I can locate these cells in Fluent? 

      Could someone tell me what the issue maybe? 


    • Satyajeet Padhi
      Ansys Employee

      note down the coordinates shown in the image. Locate the points in Icepak by using View -> Location. Check the mesh in the region around the point and improve it.

      Also, do you have CAD objects in the model. If yes, you would need to use multi-level meshing. To find out if the model has CAD objects, use Model -> Show Objects by Type. 


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