Icepak Solution Not Running

    • upot2


      I'm currently having issues getting an Icepak file to run. After importing the CAD file into Spaceclaim and converting all the bodies to Icepak, I successfully meshed it in Icepak and got good values for Face Alignment. On running the solution however, Icepak gets stuck at 'Writing Soids (16 of 16) 80% Complete' and says 'Not Responding'. Fluent does not start up to start the solution process since Icepak needs to complete this previous step before starting a solution. I have attached an image of my Icepak window.

      Could someone tell me what the issue maybe? 




    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Can you check your machines resources? I mean do you have enough spare memory & disk space available to complete the solve? 

      Also please let us know what version of ANSYS software you are using, and just to be sure, what your hardware is. Others with more experience than I can then chime in. 

    • upot2

      Hello pgl,

      This is a 32 core processor and I have 382 GB of space free of my C Drive. I am running this on ANSYS 19.0. I have attached an image with details of the hardware. I do not think it is a memory/core issue since there is a lot of spare memory left. Any thoughts?

    • Satyajeet Padhi
      Ansys Employee

      Hi upot2, 


      It's difficult to tell what may have caused this issue. It is not necessarily system resources. You have enough system resources to run most problems in Icepak. There could be some error during the Icepak body conversion process or maybe there was an interruption caused accidentally. 

      Please re-run the simulation. 

      Best practice would be have backups.

      After you have converted the STEP file to Icepak CAD, save the SpaceClaim file as an *.scdoc so that it can be used later. 

      Once, you have successfully connected SpaceClaim with Icepak, save the Icepak file as a tzr file and open it in standalone Icepak. To do so, go to File -> Pack Project. Save it as .tzr. Start Icepak in standalone mode from the Windows start menu -> ANSYS Folder -> Icepak. Unpack the the tzr and run the meshing and simulation there. 

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