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ICFD Example – Free Falling Wedge

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    • xaquinn


      I tried running the free falling wedge example downloaded today from the link below for 2D ICFD FSI using R13. I am trying to understand how to fringe only the water material, and exclude the vacuum volume. They are the same volume ID show they show as the same part and color when colored by PID. I think it has to do with levelset, but I dont understand how. I am using Prepost V4.8.26 and it shows no errors or warnings when opening the input files.


      Intermediate : Free falling wedge — Welcome to LS-DYNA Examples

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee


      You can check only the levelset object and uncheck all others in the MSPost Explorer tree. Then, right click on the levelset and choose "Update". This should show only the water:


      You may also find the following videos by DynaMore useful:




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