Identification of area to place microvanes for pressure recovery

    • kamikazedeva


      I am a student that is working on a project which requires me to identify the location to place microvanes on an aircraft to aid in the recovery of dynamic pressure around the aft fuselage of an aircraft. I have already done the simulation but I am having trouble identifying where I should put the microvanes based on the streamlines alone. Can anyone help me?

       Attached is the close up of the streamlines near the aft fuselage.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      As ANSYS staff we can't really answer engineering problems on a public forum.  

      What I would suggest is reviewing your course notes on aerodynamics to see what microvanes are used for, and how they've been applied in practice. From there review your results (I'd look at some contours too) and go from there. 

      Good luck!

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